Welcome  to  Mangkubumi  Hotel Tasikmalaya

Welcome to our Hotel and Recreation Park. we come a long way since 1978, we have long history and experience to serve your leisure needs. Enjoy our fresh air, fresh water from our spring and feel the atmosphere and listen the sound of  wild cricket, bird and the sound of nature it self. Our area are the last Tasikmalaya's "thousand hill" and last piece of green area in the City of Tasikmalaya.

Our facility expand from hotel to recreation park with hike track. our hotel have 34 room that prepared to ensure the best sleep during your stay. we can setup an exbition wether indoor or outdoor depent on your need. we have 5 convention room and multiple outdoor area. our Restaurant and cafe able to give you authentic food for your pleasure during your visit.

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we offer 5 type of room that suit your various need at the best price


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The Mangkubumi and Tasikmalaya is full of wonder. from natural wonder to craft and cultural point of interest.